PEER FEEDBACK: A valuable indicator.

Here are the peer marks I received on the final session of my official blog journey:


Name of marker:­­­­­­­­ Suzanne Brautigam 17642839


Name of marker:­­­­­­­­ Ben 17100586

Here is the mark I provided for Nory Soffian:


When I received my feedback I was very pleased with the outcomes of both peer marks, but came away from the experience with a few new ideas of how to structure my posts and make them more engaging visually. I decided after seeing the work others had done that a more personal approach to design (including images of myself, for example) was appealing to the viewer. As such I decided to include an image of my face along with a short description of my blog’s purpose int the “We’re Always Learning” tab at the top of each page.

I went back over some of my posts also to view where I could have included more in-depth content and found a few grammatical errors as I did so; this editing process was extremely valuable to me, as it clarified the purpose of each post and helped me express myself more clearly.


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