Year: 5 

Lesson: What does this book tell me? A brainstorming exercise.


Resources: 1)Reference texts,

2)computers with internet access,

3)bubbl.us website,

4)focus task worksheet,

5)example bubbl.us chart

Topic: Students read the first two chapters of a text provided, before brainstorming what the book tells them on a literal level (who, what, where, when) and an abstract level (moral, symbols) using bubbl.us software. 
Steps:1) Explain task and show examples of completed task for students to use as reference

2) Allow children to form pairs (or some groups of three if numbers are uneven)

3) Assign each group a text to read and write a list of things they discovered while reading it.

4) Show students how to work bubbl.us in a short tutorial session

5) Allow students to form their own style of flow chart based on the suggested focus (literal and abstract meaning from text)

6) Go around to each group’s computer and have student’s briefly explain their readings and how they set up their ideas based on reading.




One risk with this activity is that it is a little too broad which could lead to confusion so checking groups as they work would be a wise idea to reduce confusion.  Another issue could be that students have issues using the bubbl.us site, in which case vigilance is again necessary.